If you would like to delete the account and related data created with Staca, please follow the steps below.

To delete from within the Staca app

After logging in to Staca, select “Delete account” from the menu button on the bottom right, check the information, and then tap the “Delete account” button. All accounts created with Staca and all related data will be deleted immediately.

When deleting from outside the Staca app

Please fill out the necessary information for deletion as described below and send your account deletion request to the support email address. We will delete the account created with Staca and all related data within two week.

Information required for deletion

  • User type: “Individual” or “Shop”
  • Membership type: “Email address member” or “Non-email address member”
  • Name: “Name” and “shop name” for individuals, “shop name” for shops
  • Email address: Please cooperate with email address members only.

*If you would like to delete only app data such as images and history while keeping your account, please let us know.

Support email address


*We may reply to your email to confirm that the request is from you.